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Within the energy sector, APMC operates as the commercial arm of the Government of Alberta. The Commission is responsible for the following:

  1. Marketing the Crown’s conventional oil royalty received in kind and setting prices used in the valuation of the Crown royalty share of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and sulphur;
  2. Adding value to Alberta’s energy resources;
  3. Expanding access to global energy markets

APMC Roles and Mandate


APMC is governed by a board of directors appointed by the Minister of Energy.
The directors are:

  • Coleen Volk, Chair and Deputy Minister of Alberta Energy
  • Douglas Borland, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Ministry Services Division of Alberta Energy
  • Doug Dreisinger, Independent Director
  • Diane J. Pettie, Independent Director
  • Stephanie Sterling, Independent Director

The board of APMC passed a Code of Conduct for its directors and employees in 2012.

Commission Staff

Michael W. Ekelund, P.Eng.

Chief Executive Officer

Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission

Mike Ekelund is a practising professional engineer with a background in natural gas and oil operations and economics from his early years working in Calgary head offices and in field locations.

He is currently a non-practising member of the Alberta Bar with background in criminal and civil litigation, and constitutional law research, prior to joining government. He also has a B.A. and M.B.A.

For the past 30 years Mike has worked for the Government of Alberta, starting with legislative and oil and gas economics roles. As Assistant Deputy Minister of several different divisions over the past 15 years, he has had responsibility for policy work and operations regarding natural gas, oil and oil sands as well as a number of strategic projects, including negotiation of agreements and support of the Royalty Review Advisory Panel’s work in 2015 and the Energy Diversification Advisory Committee’s current work.

He is a former Commissioner of APMC and current member of the Boards of PTAC and CERI.

APMC Operational Staff

Harpal Brar
Executive Director
Business Development



Clay Campbell



Brendan Gray
Royalty-In-Kind Operations



Terry Rayne
Pricing & Analysis



Expense Disclosure

In 2012 the Government of Alberta mandated online reporting of all senior official travel, accommodation, meals and hospitality expenses. This includes expenses such as per diems, meal allowances, mileage claims, meter parking and bus fares. Personal information unrelated to government business has been redacted.Posted expenses will be archived for two years.

2017 Expense Disclosure

January (No Expenses) February March   April
May June (No Expenses) July   August
September October November   December

2016 Expense Disclosure

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May June July   August
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2015 Expense Disclosure

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2014 Expense Disclosure

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2013 Expense Disclosure

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APMC financial statements are part of Alberta Energy's Annual Report.

Last updated:14-Sep-17