​Market Access

Developing New Markets and Transportation Infrastructure

Expanding Access to Global Energy Markets

APMC is responsible for exploring new opportunities for building new markets for oil and gas products within North America and abroad, and improving access to current and new markets for oil sands products, and vetting proposals coming into government in these areas. APMC has a business development team that actively engages with industry proponents who are seeking greater government understanding or commercial involvement in their proposals, in order to understand and assess opportunities to achieve these objectives. Over the past number of months we have engaged with a range of proponents including those seeking to develop pipelines, rail origination terminals, rail export terminals, dock facilities, and storage facilities. APMC is also responsible for continuing and completing its existing commitments to TransCanada’s proposed Energy East Pipeline, its only commercial arrangement in place in this area at present.

TCPL Energy East  – The pipeline project proposes to convert part of the underutilized TCPL mainline natural gas system and add new pipeline in eastern Canada to ship 1.1 million bbl/d of oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. It will also provide access to ports and international markets. APMC has committed to a 20 year take or pay transportation service agreement to move Alberta crude oil to eastern Canada and beyond to obtain a world price for these valuable resources.