​​​​​​​​​​​​​Conventional Oil Royalties

APMC is responsible for selling the approximate 24,000 barrels per day (2021 volumes) of conventional oil that the province receives as its royalty share (about 9% of Alberta's conventional oil production).

Effective April 1, 2021

APMC made the decision in Q4 2020 to terminate its agency agreement with Shell Canada Trading and bring all Conventional oil Royalty In-Kind (CORIK) barrels in-house.  APMC has taken on the responsibility of marketing and managing all CORIK barrels.  APMC ships CORIK barrels on all systems under the shipper code 0PMC (the Shell shipper code A6JG has been disabled effective March 31, 2021).  A portion of the CORIK barrels will be sold at the lease level and will need to be forecast and split accordingly​y.   Please refer to the Pipeline Allocation List as it outlines the shipper of record for each p​ipeline.  Reminder, lease barrels are not shipped by 0PMC but must be split to 0PMC.

Notice: ​Petroleum Marketing Regulation and Producer Forecasting Obligations  

Pipeline Allocation Lists

Alberta Energy Resources

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Bitumen, Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids

Bitumen, and natural gas and natural gas liquids royalties are paid in cash.

Alberta has determined this system will continue, and APMC will acquire volumes it needs for its strategic activities (such as the approximately 55,000 bpd of diluted bitumen to be processed by the Sturgeon Refinery starting in late 2017) by contracting directly with suppliers at market prices and paying for these volumes with cash.